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Innovative Solutions for Roof Ice Dam Issues

Ice dams can form in many places. When snow and ice melt water is allowed to re-freeze, an ice dam is created. These ice dams prevent additional snow melt water from draining away from the structure. Once formed, these ice dams can continue to grow in size as the additional melt water continues to re-freeze. The standing water can back up and flow into the structure’s interior, causing mold, mildew, electrical issues and structural damage. If not drained correctly, the roof can retain massive ice formations.

Most people think ice & snow melting is the solution. The real solution is to provide a heated drain path for the snow melt water to drain away from the structure.

Roof Ice Dams  - The Simple Solution
Prevent Roof Ice Dams by providing a heated drain path for the snow melt water.

Malcolm Nark
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Keep the ice melt water moving
A normal slanted roof is like an umbrella – it is designed to shed water. It is not designed to hold standing water like a swimming pool. It is important to keep the water moving until it is safely drained away from the structure’s foundation. In cold climates, a heated drain path is required to keep the snow melt in a liquid state. At any point that the water is allowed to re-freeze, an ice dam is formed. Due to the latent heat characteristics of ice, it usually takes less energy to keep the drain path heated than to melt the ice dam once it is formed. Additional information on the latent heat of ice and water is available in the next few pages.

Energy Efficient
By using self-regulating heating cable and a thermostat the AspenSnowMelt System uses less than 50% of the electrical power of traditional zig-zag systems. Less Cable = Less Energy

System Design
The design of an effective ice dam prevention system considers many problem areas. Any cold spot in the heated drainage path can cause an ice dam to form. Careful system design and execution is required. Any weak link needs to be evaluated and addressed.
It’s not rocket science, but the process can get complicated. Experience and technical knowledge is required to properly design a functioning system. Energy usage should be minimized. Worst case scenarios should be considered. The system components should blend into the aesthetic appearance of the structure.  
Ice dams can be created in many places:
1)         At the roof drip edge or other cold roof surfaces
2)         In the valleys between adjoining roof surfaces
3)         At the transition between the lower horizontal roof and a vertical wall or dormer
4)         On lower roof surfaces due to massive snow dumping from upper roofs
5)         In gutters and downspouts


News Flash – Aspen CO – August 30, 2016
US Patent Issued

Spring Loaded Heating Cable Cavity
The Spring Loaded Heating Cable Cavity used in all the AspenSnowMelt System Products has been issued an exclusive patent 9,428,915 by the US Patent Office to Malcolm Nark. This exclusive feature insures a tight, long term, thermo-conductive contact between the heating cable and the metal panel.

The Storm Window Effect
Malcolm Nark invented and patented the original low cost heated sheet metal system several years ago. Over time, it was found the expansion and contraction of the metal cable cavity due to outdoor temperature extremes caused metal fatigue and resulted in air gaps between the heating cable and the metal panel. Just like a storm window, these air gaps insulated the heating effect of the cable from the metal panel that prevents ice formation.

Next Generation Available from AspenSnowMelt
AspenSnowMelt offers the Spring Loaded Heating Cable Cavity in all their products.
At this time, this patented product is only available from AspenSnowMelt. Licensing opportunities are available, please call for more information. Don’t use obsolete designs when this new revolutionary technology is now available.

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